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Frequently Asked Questions

Hope you find these helpful below. If we’ve missed anything please get in touch.

If you find that you feel vibrations through the steering wheel whilst driving, or your tyres suffer from uneven wear, these are all classic symptoms of the above.
You may find that whilst replacing a worn tyre, the fitter may advise you to have the wheel straightened in order to avoid uneven wear in the future; ultimately saving you money.

No not necessarily. Provided any damage has not compromised the structural integrity of the wheel, simply bring it to Refined Alloys and have it straightened at the fraction of the cost of a new wheel.

No, our tools and techniques ensure that your wheel retains its structure and strength.

You may have a slow puncture, alternatively there may be a bend or crack in the wheel rim.
Check your wheel, inside and out, thoroughly. If you discover any cracks or bends, call us immediately as you could potentially be at fault for dangerous driving on a damaged wheel.

Don’t hesitate, contact us and we can examine your wheel and tell you whether it is repairable or not.
Our highly skilled technicians may well be able to weld your wheel and save the significant cost of a replacement wheel.

If it can be fixed, we’ll do it!

You should always be mindful that we are performing a refurbishment, not manufacturing a brand new wheel, and so there are limits to what can be achieved. The vast majority of wheels can be successfully refurbished to a high standard. However, there are situations where refurbishment is possible but will not bring a wheel back to its original appearance, or in some cases refurbishment cannot be performed at all.

There are limitations on how many times a wheel can be diamond cut. Each time a wheel goes through the diamond cutting process the cutting head on the lathe removes a very thin layer of metal from the face of the wheel. If previously done, it can damage the profile of the wheel and in these instances, we will let you know in advance. The best advice might be to have the wheel powder coated instead.

Yes we do, because the wheels are dipped in acid, media blasted & powder coated in a hot oven – the tyres must be removed.

Yes, the whole of the wheel is refurbished. This ensures that any & all corrosion is removed. All surfaces are redone which is important for things like achieving a good seal for the tyre.

Yes, a complete wheel refurbishment is probably required. Presuming the tyre & the valve are okay, the air must be leaking past a bad rim seal or actually through the alloy. The rim seal may be bad because the rim is corroded & the existing coating is flaking. Air can pass through the actual alloy – this usually happens when the wheel is old & or corroded. A full wheel refurbishment will sort out these problems & the 12 month guarantee will cover any re-occurrence of the problem.

After we have refurbished your wheels, you will find that the lacquer we use gives an extremely deep & full lustre; which gives your wheels a nice finish, protects them and makes it harder for dust & dirt to stick to the wheel.

For this reason, only ever clean your refurbished wheels with hot soapy water, like any other wheel, however it is not good to use solvent based products or abrasive materials on any wheel.

Finishing off with a wax product will never be a bad thing.

Yes, every wheel to be refurbished will go through the full process. We maintain a consistently high standard throughout all our work!

There should be no problems with automatic car washes, outside of any precautions that you would normally take to protect your vehicle.

Please be aware that the wheel brushes can be somewhat abrasive, so care should be taken when using these types of washes.

Hand car washes sometime use a mild acid on wheels in order to break down dirt; so we recommend that you do not allow this treatment to be applied to your wheels.

This type of liquid could damage the lacquer and in extreme cases, cause it to delaminate from the wheel.

If you are unsure whether to use a car wash or not, please contact us for advice.

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