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How To Keep Your Alloys Clean – Tips from Refined Alloys

How To Keep Your Alloys Clean

At Refined Alloys, we know all about alloy wheel maintenance and repair. Our team are passionate about alloy wheels. We take pride in producing market-leading products which demonstrate our hard work and dedication to our craft. We have put together this blog to discuss how to keep your alloys clean. Your alloy wheels are shiny and new and you want to look after them to keep them that way.
Every day driving, poor weather conditions and road debris like salt and grit can dull your wheels and make them look less than immaculate.

The best way to maintain them at their clean and best is to follow these simple steps.

  1. Use a pressure washer, to remove brake dust and surface dirt. An iron residue remover will help this.
  2. Make a professional choice – An alloy wheel cleaner that does not attack the fresh powder coat, paint & lacquer on your wheels (nothing too acidic) is the wisest move. Ensure that the instructions for use are followed.
  3. Normal car shampoo is ideal as it will remove the surface dirt and if effectively and, used regularly, will be all you need.
  4. For ultimate results, use a good brand alloy wheel wax which will really help protect your wheel just like it does on your paintwork. This will prevent brake dust from sticking to the alloy and application each fortnight will produce the best results.

We hope that you found this blog useful and interesting, we take great pride in the alloys we create and always enjoy seeing our customers enjoying them. If you are looking to get your alloys repaired or maybe you fancy a new set, then look no further than Refined Alloys. We offer a whole range of services from diamond cutting to welding.

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