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Our Services

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Quality First

At Refined Alloys, customer satisfaction is our only goal. Quality before quantity is our motto and if our technicians are not satisfied with the final finish, they will rework until they are. Whether you have a Fiat or Ferrari, we appreciate that all our customers come from all walks of life; so, we do not compromise on quality.

We know, above all, that your vehicle is treasured by you.

We also undertake repairs for the motor industry which includes, small businesses, private vehicle dealers and main car dealerships.

We will never undertake work until a price/quote has been agreed, so you will know exactly what to expect from us, and how much you are expected to pay; with no hidden charges or extras.

Diamond Cutting

Diamond cutting is when the item has been put on a lathe and part of or the entire painted surface is machined off to leave a shiny alloy finish. A minimal amount, approximately 0.2mm of the actual alloy is machined off to create this finish. It is then lacquered over to prevent corrosion. No longer is this a finish for expensive cars alone, anyone can afford to have the beautiful lines and shine that diamond cut offers. With our in house machine we can offer this service for a fraction more than an ordinary painted wheel.

Bespoke Paint Finishes

At Refined Alloys, we believe that you should be able to envisage and realise the finish you desire; when it comes to customising your alloy wheels. We aim to stretch the boundaries of design in order to provide you with the ultimate finish. We know that our clients have differing tastes, so by creating bespoke alloy designs when refurbishing your wheels, we can accommodate every requirement. Colour customisation, choose from our huge colour range or allow our technicians to mix a bespoke colour.

Standard Paint Finishes

If your alloy wheels are painted but not diamond cut, damage can still occur and mar the overall look of your vehicle. Scratches and scuffs not only detract from the appearance of your wheels but can also lead to further erosion by the elements.

Chemical Strip

Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a type of finish coating that is applied as a free-flowing dry powder. The main difference between powder coating and a conventional wet paint is that powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form. Powder Coating can finish virtually any metal.

The powder is a mixture of ground particles of resin and pigment which is applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat between 200ºC and 240ºC. This results in a high quality, uniform and durable finish.

Chemical Strip

Chemical Stripping

An essential component of the alloy wheel refurbishment process is chemical stripping. Chemical stripping methods work by causing the powder coating to dissolve, soften and/or swell. Chemical stripping can remove powder coating completely and evenly.

Wheel Straightening

Wheel Straightening & Welding

If your wheel is buckled or cracked, we offer straightening and welding services to suit you.
Our experienced technicians will endeavour to repair your wheel to the highest standards of finish and safety.

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