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Cracked Alloy Wheel Repair - Hairline Crack and welding

At Refined Alloys, we offer a whole range of services including hairline crack welding. When it comes to cracked alloy wheel repair, we give your alloys a new lease of life! We can review the crack in your alloys and give you a quote for bringing them to their former glory. But first, what does alloy welding consist of?

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, is an arc welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld.

We at Refined Alloys us the ‘V’ method.  Cutting a deep v either side of the hairline crack as this proves to give a stronger weld. For cracked alloy wheel repair, make sure to book yours in with our expert team now.

welding beforeAlloy Wheel Welding

We offer 3 packages to suit all budgets

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A cracked alloy wheel is when the alloy is showing visible cracks, regardless of how small the crack may be. Hairline cracks in alloy wheels are commonly caused by curbs, potholes or uneven roads. Cracked alloys are typically more serious than a scuffed alloy, but most cracks can be repaired by a professional. It can be difficult to spot cracks in alloys, due to dirt and grime on the wheels. For car owners who want to keep their alloys in perfect condition, it is recommended that you clean your alloys regularly to check for any damage. If you come by a slight line or a hairline crack in your alloy wheel, be sure to contact our specialist team and enquire about our crack alloy repair.
Cracks in alloys are ultimately caused by impact. In most cases, a car’s wheels support around a tonne of metal, plastic and passengers on a daily basis. Plus, the wheels are under pressure from the tyres tightly wrapped around them. If the impact from a pothole for example is too great for the tyre to absorb, the impact will transmit to the wheel. Extensive crack damage could cause the wheel to collapse, or to lose air pressure much quicker. Also, the steering may feel strange if the wheel is bent and cracked. As soon as you notice an alloy wheel crack, get it checked by our specialists to halt further damage from being caused.
Repairing cracked alloy wheels is a job best left to the professionals, as it requires specialist skills and equipment. Plus, an alloy wheel repair often costs much less than replacing the whole wheel, so consider a repair before replacing. Here is how the experts repair alloy wheels:
  1. A “V” is cut into the alloy where the crack has occurred
  2. Then the specialist will weld the wheel to form a strong bond.
  3. Once the crack is repaired the alloy, if not being refurbished, will expose bare metal where the weld is
For further information on the process, be sure to check out our bronze, silver and gold packages with different options for repair, based on your requirements.