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Alloy Wheel Straightening

If you have a buckled, or bent out of shape alloy wheel then don’t despair!

Our professional hydraulic wheel straightener provides a quick and affordable solution for alloy wheel straightening.

The alloy is heated to over 300C to make the metal malleable as part of the process.

A bent, buckled or out of shape alloy wheel is something we see quite frequently in our workshop. Usually caused by poor road conditions, if a wheel hits a pothole or even a kerb hard, it can cause the alloy wheel to bend, buckle or create what is known as a flat spot. This can cause the vehicle to ‘wobble’ when driven over or under a certain speed. Take advantage of our alloy wheel straightening service today.

Before Straightening Alloy WheelAfter Straightening Alloy Wheel

Other signs of an out of shape wheel include:

  • A vibration or “shaking” when driving
  • A tyre that continually looses pressure or goes flat
  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Bulging in the sidewall area of the tyre
  • Poor steering/handling
  • Poor brake performance
  • Eventual damage to steering and/or suspension components
To replace an alloy wheel can be extremely expensive, with some wheels costing hundreds of pounds from dealerships. This is why we’ve invested in the very latest straightening equipment, enabling our trained technicians to quickly perform alloy wheel straightening, providing our customers with an affordable solution to this common problem.

We offer 3 packages to suit all budgets

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Alloys only


Wheel(s) Off The Car With No Tyres.
From £60Per Wheel
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Alloys with tyres


Wheel(s) Off The Car With Tyres.
From £65Per Wheel
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Car on site


Leaving The Vehicle.
From £70Per Wheel
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Damaged and bent alloy wheels are usually caused from some sort of impact. This could be a pesky pot pole in the road, a kerb that you didn’t see, speed bumps you forgot to slow down for and any other kind of obstruction. Unfortunately, alloy wheels are less durable than other types of wheels such as steel, resulting in damage occurring much more frequently. If you have concerns about your wheels and potential bending, be sure to contact our specialists at Refined Alloys. We can inspect your wheels and suggest any work that may be required.
Other than visually obvious damage, it’s not always easy to spot a bent alloy wheel. However, you will most definitely feel the effects whilst driving. There are a few signs to look out for that could mean your alloys have been damaged. Vibrating and shaking is usually the first sign you will notice. The damage may cause the tire to make uneven contact with the ground which results in the shaking and vibrating of the car. You may also feel like you are losing control of the car slightly, whether it be the way the steering feels or the general performance of the car. You know your car better than anyone; any signs of unusual performance are an immediate red flag. If you notice or feel particularly strange movements within your wheels whilst driving, immediately stop and get in contact with a specialist.
There are a couple of different processes when it comes to straightening alloy wheels; this includes cold roller technology and hydraulic assistance technology. Alloy wheel straightening needs to be performed by a specialist. The process usually takes around 35-40 minutes to complete the repair.  Refined Alloys are highly experienced and well renowned for efficient alloy wheel strengthening. Our specialists are on hand to provide excellent service and ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive as fast as possible.